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SMART-51 Series Reviews

High-performance, Ruggedized Metal Frame.


This is a great printer! Love that this one now has a tray to put the laminate roll in unlike the older version. The only con is that the card output area only holds about 30-35 badges before it overflows all over and we normally print in groups of 50. Other than that it is great!

SMART - 51 Review

Excellent Customer Support Experience. They were able to get us up and printing in minutes. Thank you so much.


Very good printer worth every penny!


The experience dealing with Plasco ID was pleasant, Orlando Manjarres. Provided guidance and recommendations based on our queries and was able to provide indepth answers as it related to functionalities and features. He was also able to provide information on accessories. Our only issue so far has been slight delays in supplies being on back order as we ran through the initial purchased amount quicker than expected


Great e reliable printer! Excelent product!


Purchasing was straightforward and quick. We were given a demo unit and worked with support to configure it for our system. Went well.


Good overall. I've been an IDP client for a few years now and appreciate the Solid product.


Solid 500 printers are so easy for staff to replace, just swap out the usb and your ready to go. The cage can easily swap them out if I.T. Is not available. We have had them for several years and have had no issues. Best card printers I have ever used.


Printer is great. easy to use, straightforward to set up. It prints high quality, professional looking badges in an instant. A nice looking ID badge goes a LONG way! Would definitely recommend. Pay close attention to the ribbon you order and ensure it's the right size for the printer to avoid disappointment! Support team is stellar and always willing to go above and beyond. Happy with the purchase and worth the investment.

Jessie M.

We were looking for a new printer to replace a REALLY old millenium and the Smart 51 seems to be just the one. We are looking forward to using it and serving our customers well!


We have had this printer for years with no issues. Extremely recently we've needed to send it in for repairs. The experience was great. Definitely will be sticking with IDP for any new devices.

Fred H

The Solid 510 is an excellent card printer. We upgraded to these devices last year and have nothing but great things from our End Users. Quick first card print, quiet, and does not take up much space. I would highly recommend this card printer for all of your card printing solutions!

Smart 21 Review

Best printer on the market for Casino's. Sold Data Card before. The Solid 510 has no equal more features and benefits than any other printer on the market.


When I was employed in IT at the local utility (National Grid) three years ago, there were numerous badge printers on site, one from IDP and two from Zebra. The Zebras were constantly giving us problems and I was constantly trying to get them operational (with marginal success) and reaching their support personnel was as challenging as fixing the printers. The only time I received calls from users on the Smart-50s when it couldn't print which was always an issue of the ribbon being used up and no ribbons in stock (an easy fix, purchase more ribbons). The IDP was a joy to support, excellent print quality and outstanding reliability. A godsend for anyone working day to day IT. I don't work at National Grid anymore and some of IDP's customer may recognize my name as that of the Help Desk Supervisor at IDP and, yes, I joined the winning team. As much as some may think I am in favor of IDP because I am employed here, I can say I supported the IDP printer long before I was brought onboard. There is no better printer (and affordable, too!) than those sold by IDP. I believed in IDP then and I believe in IDP now.


We have been using a Smart-51 ID printer at our company for about 3 years now and it has been working well for us. We have printed over 500 cards so far and they have all come out with great quality. I had to contact tech support once and they were able to walk me through some troubleshooting over the phone and fix my issues quickly. Would definitely recommend IDP to someone looking for an ID card printer.


I have been printing badges for employees for years now. The quality of their badge printers and ribbons are top notch.


We use this device for badge printing with the S2 Security system. It works great and we rarely have to troubleshoot it. We just buy and replace ribbon and the device works. Badges look great and the device is user friendly with simple driver installation.


Best bang for the buck for any badge printers out there. Phenomenal tech support group that helps me when I have questions. Go iDP or go home.

SMART-51 Review

Reliable printer, compact, quite, easy ribbon change. Con's- low ribbon yield, power and communication cable plug in's would be better if located on the side of the machine.

Mike M.

Excellent printer!!! No hassle set up. Drivers were easy to install and setting up to print was easy. Prints out cards very fast. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a no nonsense card printer.


Printer is used to print id badges for contractors that come on site. The printer prints clearly and helps us to identify the people. It prints quickly and clearly.


IDP Printers continue to outperform all printers I've worked with in the last 20 years, reliability with robust performance is always a sure winner, this is what IDP brings to the table. Simply put, it outperforms the competition by far.

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